(Un)Making Maputo: telling migrant artist lives through film

Quinta-feira, Abril 5, 2018 - 14:00

What are the challenges of trying to represent the lives of migrant artists through film? Jasper Chalcraft and Rose Satiko Gitirana Hikiji are currently making a film on the São Paulo-based Mozambican musician Lenna Bahule. This workshop invites scholars and practitioners from anthropology, ethnomusicology and related disciplines to view a work in progress and to critically analyse the decisions – theoretical, practical, and above all ethical – that the filmmaker/anthropologist must make in trying to represent the artist’s transnational life. In so doing the workshop investigates gender politics in both Mozambique and Brazil, questions of artistic freedom, the institutionalisation of cultural production and consumption, and the politics of representation.


Departamento de Antropologia / FFLCH / USP
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